Friday 13 April 2012

ShelobPy: Python File Spider

Added some code to Bitbucket today -

I need a way to pull text out of various document files (Word - both new and old, Open Office, Rich Text, MS Works, PDF, HTML...etc). I had worked on a C project to do this, but the libraries I needed were a pain to install and get working. It had to run on Linux as its going on a web-server and I didn't want to add the Open Office runtime to do the conversions.

So far I have used pyPDF to pull out PDF text, Beautiful Soup to make a little sense of some terrible Word-HTML mark-up and the rest has been done with a little brute force and regular expressions!

It is still __VERY__ hackish, but does use some neat stuff like Natural Language Processing to pull out some decent search terms. Still lots of work to go on it though!

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